Smart Urban Freight Conference (SUFC) 2015

The results of the Smartfusion project were unveiled to an expert audience of city and regional authorities, logistics operators, fleet managers, industry representatives and academics.

The project showcased novel transport innovations to effectively improve the efficiency, as well as the social and environmental sustainability, of urban freight in last mile operations and related urban and inter-urban shipment processes.

The results included the Smart Urban Freight Designer Tool, as well as best practices from the partner cities and regions. In its demonstration cities (Berlin, Newcastle and Como) Smartfusion determined the critical success factors in stimulating the market uptake of new sustainable vehicle technology. Different stakeholders from Europe presented the state-of-the-art solutions to urban freight challenges in their European cities.

Smartfusion was built upon existing urban freight development strategies from the three trial city regions. The City of Berlin demonstrated integrated technology solutions, Como in Italy showcased a remote monitoring system for fully-electric vehicles, and Newcastle upon Tyne examined collaborative approaches for urban and interurban shipments, using electric trucks.

Presentations and video recordings are available for download on the event webpage.