Smart Mobility Dashboard ManyWays launches in Brussels

ManyWays is a Smart Mobility Belgium project that fetches mobility data from numerous technical platforms. The data streams are boiled, blended, aggregated, mixed, molded and displayed in an interactive map and a real-time dashboard. Mobility information is brought to life, showing the many ways to move around a city.

"Open mobility data is a much frequented buzz word, but with this dashboard we succeed for the first time in visualizing information in a clear and accessible way. Air quality measurements, the number of cyclists, cars and trains, .. all can be observed, in real-time. Through the dashboard, citizens are informed on mobility in Brussels and experts can correlate data, like the relationship between air quality and car traffic", said Pascal Smet, Brussels minister of Mobility and Public Works.

The ManyWays platform for Brussels Capital Region contains a comprehensive map with data on the number of cyclists, the availability of Villo bike sharing, parking garages, the status of tunnels and indications on the traffic intensity, for example the number of vehicles driving around on the city’s ring road. Clicking a symbol on the map shows more information for each specific point. When using Manyways on your mobile phone, your location is shown on the map in order to easily find the closest sharing bike or parking garage.

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