PTP-Cycle website online!

PTP-Cycle is the first European project to take a tried and tested approach to behavior change, that of personalised travel planning, build it into a trans-national framework of delivery, and hence realise significant modal shift away from car use and towards cycling, and also potentially walking.

The PTP methodology is described in the About section, including a comprehensive overview of the PTP Training Programme and the PTP Outreach to other EU cities.

The PTP approach will be tested in 9 core sites, across 6 cities: Antwerp (BE), Burgos (ES), Ljubljana (SL), London Borough of Haringey and Royal Borough of Greenwich (UK), and Riga (LT). Find out more on their mobility challenges and the implementation sites characteristics in the PTP-Cycle partners section.

In the Get Involved section users will find useful information of a number of ways in which EU cities, NGOs, universities and workplaces can really get involved and help increase PTP take-up across the EU.

For more information on PTP-Cycle and to download the promotional leaflets in six languages, please visit the website at: