PTP-Cycle sixth newsletter online

Nearly 150 delegates from across Europe attended the joint conference organised on February 18th, with sister projects STARS and MOBI, to present results, share knowledge and experiences with European cities on embedding a cycling culture in schools.

This event imparted nearly three years of learning and results, key success factors, policy recommendations and all the practical examples and guidance documents to boost behaviour change programmes in European cities. Read more about the panel debates and breakout sessions in the newsletter.

New resources are available! We have updated the PTP methodology handbook and training manuals for project managers. These are now available in a number of other languages besides English: Dutch, Spanish, Slovenian and Latvian. You can find all materials in PDF format in the Resources area on the PTP-Cycle website.

At the end of the project PTP-Cycle produced a Final Report rich with facts and figures about PTP delivery in four different target groups in Antwerp, Burgos, Ljubljana, London (Haringey and Greenwich) and Riga. The Final Report can be downloaded here.

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We would like to thank you for following PTP-Cycle and our activities. We hope you have enjoyed the ride!

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