PTP-Cycle project kicked-off in Antwerp on April 29-30

The overall objective of PTP-Cycle is to take a tried and tested approach to behavior change, that of personalised travel planning, build it into a trans-national framework of delivery, and hence realise significant modal shift away from car use and towards cycling, and also potentially walking.

Personalised Travel Planning (PTP) uses engaging and social marketing methods, applies them to a segmented audience in order to capture the interest and empathy of the individual. This understanding of the individual’s interests and travel needs, combined with the direct contact by the PTP advisor, means that the user is more likely to act on the sustainable travel information of alternative mode incentives offered: In this case, by shifting from private car to cycling.

During the project, experts from Sustrans (UK based charity that works with communities, and policy-makers to improve people’s mobility) will train and transfer PTP knowhow, empowering cities and key actors inside the consortium, and beyond. The consortium will analyse each step of PTP delivery process, exchanging best practice as we go, and use the proven results and case studies as a means of unlocking public and private sector support and investment.

The projects will deliverer Coordinated Personalised Travel Plan Programmes in 9 core sites, across 6 cities: Antwerp (BE), Burgos (ES), Ljubljana (SL), London Borough of Haringey and Royal Borough of Greenwich (UK), and Riga (LT). Over 130 trainees will be trained, some 50 PTP support events will be organised, and a minimum of 50,000 PTPs delivered to residents, employees and students.

The goal is to achieve at the end of the project minimum 20% modal shift towards cycling and at least 10% modal shift away from car use, with great benefits in terms of congestion reduction and improved air quality.

To reach these ambitious goals, PTP experts will present key groups and actors with evidence of the energy savings, but also the environmental, economic, health and social benefits. PTP-Cycle will run for three year until March 2016.

The project consortium comprises 8 partners from six EU countries, including transport, monitoring and evaluation experts. Polis will lead on communication and disseminaiton activities.

For more info, please contact Florinda Boschetti.