PTP-Cycle fourth newsletter online

This issue of the PTP-Cycle newsletter is a collection of six city factsheets aimed at giving you an overview of the local context, and exhaustive facts and figures from PTP delivery phase 1 in the five implementation cities: Antwerp, Burgos, Ljubliana, London, and Riga.

The six factsheets contain an overview of PTP-Cycle objectives, the target audience in each city, local transport challenges to be tackled by the project, activity descriptions of the enthusiastic Travel Advisers in action, concrete results of PTP delivery, and challenges, opportunities and transferability of PTP to other contexts.

Travel Advisers have done a great job in reaching out to the target group of households, businesses, and students. These are some of the outstanding results that you will find in the PTP-Cycle newsletter:

  • 2,968 PTPs were delivered in Burgos
  • In Haringey 15 % increased their number of cycling trips
  • 2,175 PTP were delivered in Greenwich
  • 1,512 questionnaires about mobility patterns were completed in Riga
  • More than 1,000 individuals were contacted in Antwerp
  • Walking increased by 5% and cycling by 27% in Ljubljana

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