POLIS wants an effective ISA

POLIS Network has issued a comment on the European Commission’s draft regulations for Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) systems.  

Europe’s new General Safety Regulation was adopted on 27 November 2019. The regulations have brought several stipulations regarding vehicular safety, including the obligation for manufacturers to install Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) systems in new vehicles. This technology is designed to assist drivers in abiding by the speed limits, making roads safer for all.  

As the leading network of European cities and regions committed to Transport Innovation, road safety is one of the key pillars of POLIS’s mission. As such POLIS is committed to making sure that ISA is a success, and is working with the Commission and several relevant stakeholders to ensure the legislation is implemented effectively.

In an extensive comment on the draft regulations submitted to discussion by the Commission, POLIS recommended some fundamental adjustments. These adjustments are based on scientific evidence and practical experience, and consider the strategic importance ISA has for the competitiveness, and the future, of the European automotive industry. 

POLIS recommended adjustments address: 

  1. The need for effectively addressing speeding 
  2. Doubts about the true effectiveness of the acoustic warning system, 
  3. The role of ISA for not just changing the vehicle’s speed, but effectively fostering behavioural change amongst drivers 
  4. The need for input from local authorities 
  5. Considerations of economic costs of legislative change 



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