POLIS Side Event at ITF Summit addresses how cities unlock innovation to improve urban road safety

The event discusses innovative practice in road safety and how this can be deployed by local and regional authorities, which represent an important level of governance in addition to countries, when it comes to tackling the global road safety challenge.

It takes stock of the most promising and performant support tools and measures, and highlights effective policies to improve road safety in cities and thus save lives. What are the keys to success in effective local road safety policies? How can cities address safety and sustainability in urban transport? How to implement a vision zero? Which safety data is most needed by cities? How do we better and more smartly manage speed? Can vehicles become safer for all road users?

The side event builds on POLIS’ cooperation with the International Transport Forum’s Safer City Street initiative. It is organised by Polis in cooperation with ETSC, the City of Gothenburg, iRAP, NACTO, NY City DOT, the Open Transport Partnership and Volvo Group.