POLIS call for new approach to post-Euro 6 vehicle emission standards

POLIS Network has published a position paper outlining its position and recommendations for developing a new approach for post-Euro 6 vehicle emission standards.

Current combustion vehicle emissions exceed expected output based on air pollutant emissions limit values. This is a result of several shortcomings in the European type approval legislation- especially when it comes to emissions testing and problems with tampering. In response to this concern, POLIS’s position paper calls for improvements to the legal framework to restore trust in the industry, while protecting human and environmental health.

The paper follows POLIS’s recommendations on vehicle emissions submitted in July 2020 as part of the network’s contribution to the Advisory Group on Vehicle Emission Standards (AGVES) managed by DG-GROW, where the development of post-Euro 6/VI emission standards is being discussed.

This latest position paper calls for clearly defined roles for vehicle manufacturers, vehicle owners and public authorities, effective monitoring and enforcement, and support for innovation in vehicle emission testing. It also reiterates the central role of cities and regions and the support local authorities require to effectively enforce and steer measures such as access restrictions in cities.

Read the full paper here.

For more information on this document, please contact Gabriela Barrera and Sabina Asanova, coordinators of the POLIS Working Group on Clean Vehicles & Air Quality.