Paris leads the way to combat air pollution and launches GUAPO: Global Urban Air Pollution Observatory

Announced by Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, and Patrick Ollier, President of the Grand Paris Metropolitan Authority in June 2016, GUAPO, the Global Cities Observatory on Air Quality, was launched in Paris this Autumn.

As a tool for multilateral cooperation between cities and world cities, GUAPO aims to facilitate the collection and comparison of data on pollution and its effects, to better integrate cities' and metropolitan areas' actions with those of international organizations, and finally to strengthen links with civil society and the private sector, in support of the World Health Organization.

The creation of GUAPO is a key decision for Paris and the Grand Paris Metropolitan Authority, as it is for many large cities, since each will benefit from the best expertise, regulations and public policies shared within the network, particularly through the establishment of a collaborative platform that aims to become a true global hub for air quality.

For more information on GUAPO and press release (French), click here.