Multi-modal mobility dashboard launched in Ghent

The city of Ghent has launched its mobility dashboard showing multi-modal data 24/7, which it developed under the TMaaS project. Called LINK.Gent (click here), the dashboard bundles together an extensive package of information about traffic (bicycles and vehicles) and public transport.

The dashboard is work in progress that is delivered in different phases. At the current point in time, it is targeted primarily at the traffic managers of the city of Gent. They can use the platform to gain an immediate traffic overview and monitor the status of the main modes of transport on their territory. This enables them to detect and react more speedily to traffic congestion, accidents and other traffic problems.

Link.Gent is also open to other road users, including car users as well as bus and tram users and cyclists.  The system can provide the current traffic status affecting a particular journey including traffic disturbances and delays, etc. It is enables users to personalise their preferences.


TMaaS project:

Image: Kevin Ku/Pexels