Mobility calls & consortia: Insights from the POLIS webinar

On 7th November, POLIS convened a webinar for its members, providing information on EU funded project calls, and guidance on current open calls.

POLIS offers unique access to relevant outcomes of European research and innovation initiatives and projects on urban mobility, and across the next several months, there are a range of funding opportunities available.

These are a unique chance to participate in cutting edge research and innovation initiatives, shaping the future of European urban mobility policymaking and practice. However, discovering the correct calls and consortiums is often a challenge for cities, regions, and knowledge institutes- especially for those relatively new to such processes.

How to find out about calls? How to join a winning consortium? What is the benefit of involvement?

This is where POLIS comes in.

Armed with decades of experience engaging in EU funded projects, the secretariat supports network members in developing proposals, looking for partners and appropriate funding channels, as well as exploring other ways of engaging in projects- such as replication sites and reference groups.

This webinar explored the outlook for 2024 and 2025 Horizon Europe calls, while providing insights about soon to be published calls focusing on the Climate Neutral and Smart Cities Mission.

POLIS members can view the full report, the webinar slides and recording HERE.