Mapping accessible transport for persons with reduced mobility study recently awarded

It will formally start next week and will run for 12 months, until the end of May next year.

The purpose of the study is to explore solutions that reduce the various uncertainties relating to travel for people with reduced mobility (PRM) by the provision of more accessible travel information and by provision of information that is personalized and relevant for accessibility. This requires a review of the sources of travel information available to PRM – in particular digital travel information sources – and then an assessment of how this could and should be improved.

The particular focus of the work is on cross-border travel, as it is this type of journey where the uncertainties are often more accentuated and where travel information is understood to be most fragile.

The study will design and conduct a pilot experiment involving an interactive web-map application, through which the information tools set out in the inventory will be displayed for at least three member states (PT, NL and UK); with particular attention placed upon information relating to interchange and upon the accessibility of the information itself.

Stay tuned for more information later!