Lille proves you’re never too young for sustainable mobility

POLIS member, European Metropolis of Lille is seeking to engage the city’s young people in safe and sustainable mobility issues.

Lille has published a guide for children aged 6 to 10 years old, aiming to raise awareness of ecomobility and road safety. The publication helps children engage with critical mobility issues in a fun and exciting format using crafts, rhymes, challenges and games. Readers can learn about safety on their journeys between home and school and explore other, more active an eco-friendly modes of travel.

The publication follows the city's substantial enhancements to the accessibility, safety and sustainability of its urban mobility services. The metropolitan area has installed temporary cycle lanes (32km), following the COVID-19 lockdown, installed secure bike parking stations and limited vehicle speeds in order to ensure cyclists’ safety.

The action comes amidst wider concerns for children's safety when navigating in European cities, and efforts to engage young people in sustainability issues. Indeed, fellow POLIS member Barcelona has been pioneering traffic calming measures around school districts, while Madrid and Leuven have been involving families in air quality surveys through the WeCount project. 

As sustainable mobility options become a central part of urban travel, such educational activities will become increasingly important for young travellers!

Find out more about the publication here.