Provide feedback for the LEVITATE Policy Support Tool

The LEVITATE project, which focused on Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility (CCAM), has reached an end. It has left behind a fantastic output: an open-access web-based Policy Support Tool (PST).

The PST is the go-to, one-stop-shop to support decisions on CCAM-related interventions. It is designed as an open access, web-based system that provides users with:

  • A forecasting tool to quantitatively estimate the impact of CCAM policies on urban spaces.
  • A backcasting tool which allows users to identify combinations of interventions to reach future policy goals.
  • A knowledge library with LEVITATE’s central documents, key results and policy recommendations.

To help users understand the tool’s functions and results, the LEVITATE project developed short tutorial videos and challenge questions, with answers, to test scenarios and get comfortable with the PST.

If you had the opportunity to try the PST, view the videos, do the challenge or attend the conference, the project would be grateful if you filled in this brief survey to provide feedback. This would help evaluate the usability of the PST and make any necessary adaptations.

Finally, the LEVITATE Policy Recommendations Brochure is out! It brings together, concisely, the background, methodology and key recommendations on CCAM from the LEVITATE project. All of the project's resources and findings will stay available on the LEVITATE website and in the library of the Policy Support Tool (PST) website.