Leading mobility figures call for data on gendered mobility patterns

Leading figures from the transport sector join POLIS to add their voice to growing calls for better data on gendered transport patterns and experiences.

There have been growing calls for “gender mainstreaming” in urban mobility. Achieving this means getting the right data. Yet, despite much progress, the quality and quantity of data on gendered travel patterns, safety, and the ways in which sexuality, race, income, and ability intersect these experiences and choices, remains woefully inadequate.

So, when it comes to gender equal mobility, are we asking the right questions? 

The answers we get are only as good as the questions we ask. From crash test dummies to bus timetables, even train drivers' uniforms, it is little secret that we have described, designed and deployed urban mobility for only half the population.

So how the urban mobility community can better pull together to address the increasingly urgent challenges facing gender equality in transport and urban planning?

Leading voices from across global mobility have come together for POLIS to contribute their thoughts, experiences and visions.

The video hears input from Evelyn Regner, Vice President of the European Parliament; Ruth Lopian, Equality Coordinator at European Commission; Jim Walker, Director of Walk21 Foundation; Kalpana Viswanath, Co Founder at Safetipin; Sheila Watson, Deputy Director, FIA Foundation and many others. For many years, these women- and men- have led the charge for gender equal mobility across the globe. From India, to Scotland, Belgium to Kenya, their work has made incredible changes in how we understand and construct our cities and transport services.


Over the last several years, POLIS has placed gender equality and a wider Just Transition for urban mobility at the heart of its work; from cutting edge research on gender equal employment strategies to capacity building for cities looking to make tangible changes on the ground.

This video contains contributions from:

  1. Evelyn Regner, Vice President of the European Parliament
  2. Cyprine (Mitchell) Odada, Executive Director at Critical Mass Nairobi
  3. Jill Warren, CEO of ECF
  4. Ruth Lopian, Equality Coordinator at European Commission
  5. Jim Walker, Director of Walk21 Foundation
  6. Kalpana Viswanath, Co Founder at Safetipin
  7. Sheila Watson, Deputy Director of FIA Foundation
  8. Melissa Bruntlett, Urban Mobility Advocate and Advisor
  9. Claire Clarke, Acting Women Transport Workers and Gender Equality Officer at International Transport Workers Federation
  10. Marianne Weinreich, Market Manager Global Smart Mobility, Ramboll
  11. Mailys Garden, Scotland Hub Lead, Women in Transport
  12. Liani Baglietto Castellares, Policy Advisor at ARUP
  13. Bonnie Fenton, Sustainable Mobility Consultant at Rupprecht Consult
  14. Christy Pearson, Director of Central Policy at Voi