Kadikoy Municipality joins POLIS

POLIS is delighted to welcome Kadikoy to its Global Platform of cities and regions.

Kadikoy is a district on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, surrounded by the Marmara Sea to the west and south. Home to around half a million inhabitants, it has an incredibly multicultural population of Turkish, Armenian, Greek and Jewish residents.

It hosts a range of public transport systems such as ferry, bus, high-speed railway, and subway access. Indeed, the centre of Kadıköy today is the transportation hub for people commuting between the Asian side of the city and the European side across the Bosphorus.

The municipality is also working closely on parking-related issues, working with new digital tools and governance techniques.

POLIS’ Global Platform allows non-European cities to engage in the network, linking up with their European counterparts while sharing their own experiences and insights from beyond the EU’s borders. Such international collaboration and peer-to-peer exchange are critical if cities and regions are to tackle the ever-growing threats posed by the climate crisis.

“We have been implementing accessibility projects and enhancing alternative methods of transportation promoting sustainable mobility. We are now working to track the mobility layers by developing new smart products with big data applications to enhance the mobility of the residents and to protect the urban mixed-use,” says Mert Yaman, an Urban Planner at the municipality.

Kadikoy has much to share! As participants in a range of Horizon 2020 projects including, FastTrack, SUMP-PLUS, SHOW, DREEM and uLaaDs, they have been working closely on micromobility, logistics, automation and other cutting-edge sustainable mobility issues.

Indeed, this work has bolstered the production of their SUMP and SULP, which have set key targets for mobility goals and strategies for achieving smart neighbourhood parking, a Logistics Hub in the historical centre district and lower emissions in the city centre.

Inclusion has been at the heart of this work, and Kadikoy has been implementing accessibility projects and enhancing alternative methods of transportation to support all mobility needs.


About POLIS' Global Platform

Non-European cities can become engaged in the network as associated members and link up with their European counterparts via the POLIS Global Platform.

Through its Global Platform, POLIS has established cooperation and partnerships with relevant international organisations such as the International Transport Forum (OECD), the World Health Organisation (WHO), and UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) and has become a member of SLoCaT (Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport), the World Bank’s SUM4ALL alliance, UEMI, the Urban Electric Mobility Initiative, and NUMO, the New Urban Mobility Alliance.

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