Join the ClairCity Project Annual Conference – 25 April 2018

A wide range of invited speakers, as well as staff from the ClairCity project, will intervene. Over the course of the day, the issues of air quality will be discussed considering their relationship with climate change and public health.

For this conference, the focus will be set on:

  • Understanding the challenges of urban air quality in relation to domestic heating and transport
  • Sharing best practices and cutting-edge solutions from cities and regions around Europe and the world.

Poster submissions

The conference organising team welcomes conference posters from any interested external parties. All attendees will be invited to view the posters, and we will hold a short presentation session (2 minutes each) for each selected poster. If you are interested in presenting a poster, please indicate on the registration form.


To register, please fill in the online registration form. A member of the organising team will follow up your registration with an email with more information about accommodation and travel options.


The conference will be held at Sosnowiec Science and Technology Park, 30km from Katowice airport and 80km from Krakow. Attendance is completely free. More information about the conference, including an initial agenda, is available on the event website.