Join the 3rd partner meeting on New Mobility Services in Brussels!

The meeting is structured around six working groups:

  • On-demand last-mile
  • Smart parking
  • Intelligent speed adaptation
  • Traffic management of the future
  • Urban freight transport
  • Excellent Governance for New Mobility Services

A draft agenda for the meeting is available here. Throughout the meeting, serious decisions about concrete actions will be taken in the Working Groups. After this meeting, participants will be asked to commit to one or more Working Groups.

Please register and indicate the working group (or groups) you would like to commit to here. before November 2nd. Please register before Friday November 2nd so that we can organize the logistics of the event timely and make sure you have lunch. In case you are already in Brussels the evening before November 7th you can indicate here if you would be interested to join the informal ‘no host’ dinner that we’ll organize around 19:00.

A final version of the agenda will be sent around Monday November 5th and also uploaded in our shared Dropbox folder. In case you have no access to our shared Dropbox and Yammer ask for a new invite to Edwin Mermans (