Hidden treasures at 2013 Polis Conference

Have you already asked yourself: “Am I re-inventing the wheel?” while sitting in the office late at night trying to solve the mobility issues of your city? Have you wondered if someone, somewhere out there already had the solution or part of the solution that you were looking for? In Polis, we believe that you have done this at least once in your life.

At the Polis Conference this year, we therefore open up the “Ideas Marketplace: which successful actions can you recommend to transfer, and for which issues do you need effective measures?”

In a relaxed atmosphere, in between sessions, you will be able to share your needs for solutions with fellow conference delegates who might already having solved the same issue that you are encountering, and who would be happy to share their thoughts with you. At the same time, you will be able to pass on your successful practices in mobility planning. Maybe, someone else in the Polis network has long been looking for that!

We therefore kindly ask you, as a participant of the conference, to think about transferrable measures, actions or methods from your city or region already before the conference. Also, think about which local challenges you are foreseeing that you would like to share ideas.

With this little informal exercise, we hope to create a good platform for networking amongst the participants. We also know that approaching unknown people at a conference can be challenging; but it is maybe here you will find a hidden treasure.

Please get in touch with us if you already have ideas to share, either by using this form or by sending an email to You can also use the 'comments' section in the registration form if you have not yet registered.