Gothenburg’s automated mobility and citizen engagement

At this year's European Conference on Connected and Automated Driving (EUCAD) Conference, the city of Gothenburg presented automated mobility services and citizen’s involvement.

The EUCAD Conference held last week brought together political leaders, industry representatives and academia, to exchange experiences and find ways to include citizens and their needs in CCAM developments.

POLIS member, Gothenburg has long been pioneering cutting edge sustainable mobility services, and presented its work at the event. Kristina Lundfors, Director of the Urban Transport Administration at the Swedish city, discussed the future of new automated mobility services and citizen’s involvement.

If Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility (CCAM) is to become a pillar for future mobility, Gothenburg's Urban Transport Administration wants to ensure its reliable and efficient implementation in the city's transport infrastructure.

New mobility technologies have the potential to fundamentally change travel conditions, creating a more inclusive and accessible transport system. Cities play a central role in building sustainable, user-friendly and attractive mobility at the local and global level, which is why they need to be at the forefront of discussions and to take active part in CCAM’s implementation.

During the EUCAD conference, Kristina Lundfors highlighted the importance of developing public trust, through public testing of mobility projects.. The city of Gothenburg has also developed the Aha project, which actively involves the general public in the process of testing and designing new mobility services. These projects testify to Gothenburg’s long tradition of collaboration.

Additionally, Gothenburg is one of the cities supporting the EU’s CCAM research partnership – a European Partnership under Horizon Europe that aims to harmonise European R&I efforts by bringing together the actors of a complex cross-sectoral value chain to accelerate the implementation of innovative CCAM technologies and services.