Glasgow stays true to its feminist urbanism principles!

On International Women’s Day 2024, female elected members from Glasgow joined forces with Council officers and stakeholders to envision a city that prioritises the needs of women and girls. Curious to know more? Then keep on reading!

For International Women’s Day 2024, female elected members in Glasgow gathered with Council officers and stakeholders to envision a more inclusive city for women and girls under the banner of 'Her City.'

Aligned with Glasgow’s strategic plan, which emphasises gender equity, the recent meeting tackled crucial commitments, spanning economic opportunities and the battle against misogyny and gender-based violence. A dynamic feminist urbanism working group came together to brainstorm ways of integrating women's experiences and advancing gender equality in the upcoming City Development Plan.

Kicking off with a focus on gender in transport, this inspiring event was hosted by the engineering firm, Mott MacDonald Group, a key player in the Council's Liveable Neighbourhoods projects. The session delved into gender-sensitive planning, drawing from Mott MacDonald's expertise, including the development of a Gender Equality Toolkit in Transport.

Councillor Anne McTaggart, City Convenor for Communities & Equalities, and Chair of the Feminist Urbanism Working Group said:

“Women still face structural barriers. By looking at urban planning through a feminist lens where women are not an after-thought in the design of our public space and transport systems, we can co-create positive outcomes for everyone and generations to come where life, work, and services are better integrated.”

The working group's upcoming sessions promise to delve into captivating themes like play spaces within parks and open areas, elevating the discussion to new heights. Glasgow City Council is set to explore engagement strategies, focusing on how women citywide are consulted and involved in shaping policy and proposals. Adding to this momentum, the new group will amplify its efforts by building on the success of the internationally acclaimed 'Girls@COP26' initiative.

With the participation of 2,500 girls in developing feminist solutions and collaboration with local Glasgow and global experts in themed workshops, this initiative has left an indelible mark. Importantly, it continues to involve these girls in shaping the future city development plan. The Girls4Equality groups in Glasgow convened once more on Friday, 8 March, aligning with the International Women's Day theme.

Councillor Malcolm Mitchell, current Glasgow political POLIS representative said:

“Women should not be an afterthought, but the first thought if we are to create people-centred cities.”


Interested to learn more about gender, mobility, and the bold efforts of our members? Keep your eyes peeled for the rest of our Women's History Month campaign!