Freight TAILS Final Report now available

The Freight TAILS final report is an online document and answers the central question ‘How can I make freight transport more effective in my city’, based on the experiences of the 10 cities involved in the Freight TAILS project, including Polis members Brussels Region and La Rochelle, who asked themselves the exact same question in 2015.

The first section outlines ‘Getting Started’ tasks. The second section outlines ‘Taking Action’ tasks. Each task is introduced, experiences from different Freight TAILS cities reported, and top tips shared. Freight TAILS added value links are made throughout the report to the key Freight TAILS outputs: case studies highlighting specific experiences from the Freight TAILS cities, thematic reports on urban freight transport and six key themes and the Freight TAILS partners’ action plans.

Finally, a set of recommended freight actions are provided for cities to implement in order to achieve more effective urban freight transport.

Read the whole report here.