First “super trucks” on Belgian roads

Photo: The Bulletin/HBS/Het NiewsbladBrewer AB InBev and transport company Ninatrans are the first in Belgium to receive a permit to deploy a Longer and Heavy Truck, known as “super truck”. Super trucks can be up to 25.25 metres long, instead of the usual 16.5 metres and can transport up to 60 tons instead of the normal 44 tons

The  trucks will drive between Ninatrans base in Leuven and the port of Antwerp on a daily basis. However, the super trucks are not allowed to drive through built-up areas or to use routes heavy in pedestrian and cycle traffic. They are also required to avoid certain crossroads and roundabouts.

The first permit is part of a trial project by the government of Flanders. In the coming months, five other companies are expected to receive a permit. The government wants to examine the advantages and disadvantages of super trucks in terms of safety, mobility and the environment. After two years, a special commission will carry out an evaluation of the system.

Source: The Bulletin