ELIPTIC Call for Twinning Cities open!

The ELIPTIC project, part of the EU's € 80bn research and innovation programme Horizon 2020, aims to save cities money and energy by developing new demonstrations and business scenarios in order to optimise and/or regenerate their electric public transport systems.

The ELIPTIC twinning fund aims at supporting the take-up of ELIPTIC's sustainable measures with regard to electrification of public transport in European cities. The twinning fund is a financing mechanism within the ELIPTIC project which aims to support the transfer of measures from ELIPTIC partner cities to 'twin' cities. Co-funding of up to 100% is available to successful applicants and a maximum amount of €15,000 per applicant. Applications may be submitted by individual or teams of organisations.

The ELIPTIC twinning fund offers two different take-up levels and activities, which range from inspirational - such as workshops and study tours - to small-scale study activities. The selected twinning cities will also take part in the bi-annual ELIPTIC User Fora.

Twin activities are expected to start with the participation in ELIPTIC's first User Forum on 13 November 2015 (to be confirmed) in Berlin at the latest and shall be finalized within 18 months after their commencement (besides participation in the final ELIPTIC event and last User Forum in May 2018 in Bremen).

If you are interested in becoming an ELIPTIC twin city, make sure to apply before 31 August 2015!

The detailed call text is available here:

The application form is available here:

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