EIP-SCC Sustainable Urban Mobility Action Cluster to Hold Webinar

The EIP-SCC Sustainable Urban Mobility Action Cluster (EIP-SCC SUM AC) is holding a webinar on 21st September 2017 between 15:00 and 16:45 CET. The European Innovation Partnership in Smart cities and communities will be discussed, presenting an opportunity to hear about the cities and companies that are leading six actions aiming to make the Partnership the leading platform for understanding city needs, for bringing stakeholders together, building the tools that support an innovation pipeline, and directly supporting individual networks and projects that are en-route to realisation.

Five initiatives are supported by the EIP-SCC SUM AC, namely E-Vehicles for Smart Cities and Communities (EV4SCC), New Mobility Services (NMS), Intelligent Mobility For Energy Transformation (IMET), Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and Alternative Fuels Special Vehicles (AFSV). Furthermore, the services of JIIP/The Extremely Useful Company have been hired by The European Commission to aid cities in the assessment of the investment readiness of projects, identification of investment opportunities and connecting project partners with investors and financiers.

Participation in the webinar is free, and you can register here.