ECOSTARS Europe nominated for EUSEW Award

Download the full press release here.

From a total of 224 applications ECOSTARS is among the five shortlisted projects in the category of clean mobility schemes. The winner will be announced during the EU Sustainable Energy Week on 24 June 2013.

ECOSTARS responds to the questions: “How to achieve cleaner transport in European cities and regions?” ECOSTARS schemes recognise fleet operators’ efforts to save energy and provide authorities with a method of environmental engagement with fleet operators of HGVs, buses, coaches and vans.

Based on the success of the original ECO Stars scheme in South Yorkshire, twelve new ECOSTARS Fleet Recognition schemes have been launched across Europe in the past two years. The scheme can be implemented in any local or regional environment looking to increase engagement with industry to reduce air pollutants and carbon emissions together.

Ann Beddoes, ECO Stars Manager of the scheme in South Yorkshire said: "Back in 2008, the ECO Stars idea was conceived in South Yorkshire in order to recognise vehicle fleet best practice in reducing emissions. At that time, we did not envisage the spectacular success of the scheme. Moving forward to 2013, the scheme is now operating in 7 UK locations and in 5 European countries. This sustained scheme growth is testament to the keen engagement of fleet operators and the foresight of all stakeholders in rolling out the scheme. We look forward to further development of the scheme in future years and are delighted that ECOSTARS was shortlisted for the prestigious European Commission Sustainable Energy Europe Award."

Also this week, the latest project newsletter has been published featuring Rotterdam as "ECOSTARS Scheme in the Spotlight".

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