ECOMM 2016: Call for Abstracts open

ECOMM has launched a Call for Presentations addressed to a wide range of potential participants, including: representatives from professional and scientific communities in the public and private sectors as well as associations and individuals, enterprises and suppliers, involved in the mobility of people.

The main theme of ECOMM 2016 is ‘Smart Solutions for People and Cities’ and it is about all those solutions, either classical or innovative ones, which make the everyday life of trip-makers easier and the cities function smarter. The conference motto is “Think Green, Travel Smart” but also “Think Smart, Travel Green”.

ECOMM 2016 will take place in Athens, Greece at Technopolis (GAZI) on the 1st - 3rd of June 2016 and Abstract Submissions Deadline is December 16, 2015

  1. The topics and sub-topics in ECOMM 2016 are the following:

  2. Topic 1: Smart solutions for Cities
  3. Topic 2: Mobility Management in a sharing Economy
  4. Topic 3: Mobility as a Service (Smart Applications)
  5. Topic 4: Policy transfer in Sustainable Mobility Planning
  6. Topic 5: New ways in changing People’s Attitudes and Behaviour
  7. Topic 6: Mobility campaigns: Design aspects and Implementation issues
  8. Topic 7: Mobility Management with limited Budgets: From Problem to Solution
  9. Topic 8: Mobility Management affecting Land Use Planning
  10. Topic 9: Current and Future Challenges in Mobility: From policy to implementation

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