EC proposal for urban ITS standardisation

The draft mandate covers the following three areas:

- multimodal information services,

- traffic management (including access restrictions), and

- urban logistics (including parking management).

If adopted, the mandate will be implemented in two main steps:

1) A pre-study, which will involve a mapping of the main stakeholders, a gap/overlap analysis of existing standards and standardisation initiatives, and the definition of standards requirements (adaption/new standards and interfaces, etc). The output of this process will be the identification of new work items  for standardisation.

2) The standardisation process itself

By way of timetable, the plan is for the draft standardisation mandate to be adopted by the end of 2015, during which time the pre-study will be undertaken.

Polis has already been identified as a key stakeholder to be involved in the pre-study.

To download the urban ITS standardisation request, click here.