Decision Makers Summary for EU SUMP Guidelines out now

An interactive summary has been created that makes the new edition of the EU SUMP Guidelines more accessible and easy to use.

Developed for decision-makers who wish to make use of this crucial document, the summary represents gives a succinct introduction to some of the most important content found in the Guidelines.

In the space of only 10 pages, the general idea of SUMP is explained, the principles underlying the planning process are described, and a brief introduction of the four SUMP phases is given.

Decision-makers are also given an overview of the benefits of sustainable urban mobility planning, as well as guidance on how to start the SUMP process. The summary can also be used as an introduction to the urban mobility planning process.

The summary is available to download here.

The complete EU SUMP Guidelines (second Edition) are available in an online version, and as documents for download.