CIVITAS Awards 2019 call launched

Winners serve as role models to other towns and cities across Europe, inspiring them in their own initiatives to make cleaner and better urban transport.

The call has been launched for applications for this year’s CIVITAS Awards. Cities are invited to apply by 19 July 2019 to be in with a chance of winning Europe’s most prestigious prizes for clean urban transport.

The Awards provide a unique platform for cities to demonstrate their pioneering sustainable urban mobility activities. Winning cities enjoy Europe-wide exposure of their work and become role models that inspire others to go for greener mobility.

The Awards are open to all cities that have signed the CIVITAS Declaration and are members of the CIVITAS Forum Network. If your city is not yet a Forum member, please complete and sign the CIVITAS Forum Declaration.

Applicants can win prizes in four categories, with entries in multiple categories possible:

  • The “Bold Measure” award, which rewards a daring approach that has yet to be widely implemented and examples of ambition leading to successful outcomes;
  • The “Citizen & Stakeholder Engagement” award, which rewards a city that has successfully engaged with citizens and/ or relevant stakeholders (e.g. NGOs or the private sector) to tackle a local urban mobility challenge;
  • The “CIVTAS Legacy” award, which rewards a city that has translated its commitment to the CIVITAS network and sustainable mobility into high-impact, innovative measures; and
  • The “Transformation” award, which rewards a city that has used mobility measures to transform itself into a smarter and more liveable environment.

All application forms are available below and on the main CIVITAS Awards page.

Send your application form via e-mail to the following address, with “CIVITAS Award Category x” placed within the subject of your message:

The deadline for all applications is 19 July 2019.

The winner will be chosen by the CIVITAS Award Jury, apart from the “Transformation” award which will be chosen by the CIVITAS Political Advisory Committee.

As is tradition, the CIVITAS Awards Ceremony will take place at the CIVITAS Forum. This year’s event is taking place in Graz, Austria, from 2-4 October 2019.

Please contact the CIVITAS Secretariat for further information: