Call for Expressions of Interest: Citizen-engagement activities in the EU Mission on Climate-Neutral Cities

Express your city's interest in collaborating with MOSAIC on your citizen engagement activities within the Cities Mission by 24 November

The EU-funded MOSAIC project aims to study, prove and assess how co-creation practices can be beneficial to mission-oriented open innovation settings, where concrete solutions to today’s challenges are sought. MOSAIC’s expertise and research activities produce concrete instruments and recommendations, to be used in European cities and regions willing to engage in mission-oriented approaches but also to enrich the work of Horizon Europe researchers and stakeholders more broadly.

Through this call for Expressions of Interest, MOSAIC aims to select a group of cities for collaboration in their citizen engagement activities within the context of their involvement in the EU Mission on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities. In their application to be part of the mission, cities will be strongly invited to plan and showcase their citizen engagement initiatives through co-design and co-creation approaches. Whether they are a frontrunner city, already advanced on their Climate City Contract, or taking the first steps into the mission, MOSAIC can provide unique expertise on sound citizen engagement approaches tailored to this specific mission context.

To express your interest, fill this online form. For more information, please contact the MOSAIC consortium.