Call for cities: Neighbourhood mobility fix from SUNRISE

The sunrise project is inviting mobility stakeholders to attend a series of meetings to learn from the project's findings and how solutions can be transferred to other urban districts. 

SUNRISE (Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods Research and Implementation Support in Europe), is developing, and facilitating co-learning about new, collaborative ways to address common urban mobility challenges at the urban district level through “neighbourhood mobility labs”.

The project is now in the final stages of this process, and is seeking to share its knowledge with as many neighbourhoods as possible.

Authorities dealing with neighbourhood mobility issues, as well as civil society initiatives with direct links to local governments within the countries of the H2020 European Research Area, are invited to join a series of meetings where they can learn from the methodologies for public involvement, mobility measures and ideas for funding and implementation.

SUNRISE has worked on 5 different types of mobility measures:

  • Use and design of (public) (road) space for mobility (incl. innovative parking management)
  • Mobility and accessibility for all, including children, youth, ethnic minorities, elderly etc. gender
  • Innovative solutions to urban logistics
  • Shared mobility (sharing of cars, bicycles, cargo-bikes, and collaborative provisioning)
  • Facilitating active modes through comprehensive 'convenience' (infrastructure, information, campaigns etc.)


The process will consist of 3 meetings:

  • Bilateral intake: you meet the SUNRISE expert to discuss the current status, ambitions, achievements etc. You will be asked to gather some information about the neighbourhood before this meeting. The approach will be lively and practical, starting from obvious challenges and day-to-day problems.
  • Solutions brainstorm session: based on the information gathered in the intake, the SUNRISE expert will present you different options in view of mobility measures as well as in co-creation methods.
  • Scenario definition: in the last meeting, the most useful solutions, and applicable co-creation methods are selected.

All cities and neighbourhoods are invited to the final workshop on the 17th of June. Experiences will be shared, and results will be presented.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Ivo Cré by 19 April, include also the mobility measure field of your interest.



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