Brussels: terror attacks make people to cycle more

The bicycle advocacy group Pro-Vélo does regular bicycle counts. In may 2016, morning peak bicycle traffic was 50% higher than one year before. The association concludes that people prefered to cycle in the weeks and months after the 22 March attacks, specifically on those routes close to the metroline on which the bomb attack occured.

On average, across the measuring points and on different times of day, an increase of 30% was measured. The weather played an important role as well, with spring being particularly moderate for Brussels conditions. Also the large pedestrian area in the Brussels city centre is a factor that has contributed to the success of cycling. The increase of cyclists if mainly feminin. One in three cyclists if a woman, which is higher than in previous reporting periods.

The Brussels minister for Mobility, Pascal Smet, is happy with the growth and hopes this will be sustained. At one measuring point (Merode), 1000 cyclists per hour were counted, which is really a milestone for the Region. He sees a role for continued investment in bicycle infrastructures, and these can be lanes as well as parking. The fear for bicycle theft remains high.

Source: De Standaard.