Brussels region launches ComOn, the new "Tinder for carpooling"

“Our city is not a garage but a city where people live”, says Pascal Smet, Brussels minister for mobility and public works. Everyday about 350.000 commuters come to Brussels to work and cause severe road congestion problems. The app has the purpose to foster more people to share their rides.

You can match twice!

Carpoooling is nothing new for Brussels but thanks to the new technology the city is trying to make it more appealing and attractive. The app is called ComOn and it has been developed by Taxistop with the support of the region. “With the app we put in contact people who live and work in the same area”, says Smet. “In doing so, you can have a “match” in the morning when you go to work, and a “match” in the evening when you go back home – a bit like the dating app Tinder”. The ComOn app looks for matches based on the direction and time of the trip.

“Half of the people living in Brussels do not have a car, but they do breathe the worst air in the entire country. That is no longer possible”, says the minister Smet. It has been calculated that about 175.000 people come to Brussels everyday by making individual trips (i.e. one person per car) and thus cause congestion. ComOn app wants to encourage a part of these commuters to share their journeys so that the traffic can run more smoothly.

More information is available here (in Dutch).

Download the app now if you live in Belgium!