Brussels launches ‘Good Move’, a public consultation plan

Good move will indeed be an ongoing open process for anyone to join and provide input. The aim is to co-create the 2018-2028 mobility plan and reach a co-ownership of its objectives.

During a press conference on 16 February, Pascal Smet stressed particular attention would be paid to younger generations who are less interested in cars and no longer see a driver's license as an ultimate goal. They make more use of public transport and the bicycle. This ‘Erasmus generation’ has also seen many other cities and can therefore easily compare. The minister expressed the hope they would share their views as much as possible.

Smet clarified the idea is not to develop a new "Iris plan", which he referred to as ‘a catalogue of good intentions’. Iris-2 aimed at reducing car traffic by 20 percent but not enough measures were taken to actually make this a reality.

For the development of the new mobility plan also big data will be used in order to (anonymously) process the information stored on everyone's mobile phone. This way, relevant information on everyday movements will be continuously analyzed with the aim to identify needs and deliver a truly people-centered mobility plan.

The platform will be online as of 22 February and will constitute the starting point of this new citizens’ consultation.

For more information, follow this link (Dutch).