19 September 2018 is European Day Without A Road Death

On average, 70 people still die every day on Europe’s roads. Project EDWARD is an awareness raising campaign and invites all stakeholders to spread the word. A Project EDWARD resources library has been set up here, with materials to help spread the word, organise events and share the central safety messages.

The Project EDWARD Road Trip

Representatives of TISPOL will be undertaking the ambitious #ProjectEDWARD Road Trip from 11 to 19 September. Visiting venues in Ireland, the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and Spain, the road trip team will be stopping off at various events to boost the profile of safety on Europe’s roads and to support the vital work carried out by police officers in reducing road death and serious injury across the continent.

The Project EDWARD Live Event, Madrid, 19 September

TISPOL will be joining representatives of the European Transport Safety Council, the Guardia Civil and a line-up of sponsors and supporters at a conference to be held in Madrid on #ProjectEDWARD day (19 September).

Last year:

  • No one died on the roads of the UK, Ireland or Spain on 21 September
  • Records show that a total of 43 people died on Europe’s roads on 21 September 2017 (the same total as for Project EDWARD Day in 2016).
  • In the 48-hour period of 20 and 21 September 2017, #ProjectEDWARD achieved 25 million Twitter hits

More information:

Project EDWARD has the support of senior politicians, police chiefs, policy makers and road safety professionals. The European Commission has also given its backing, with Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc offering her personal support for the third year running.

twitter: @ProjectEdward with #projectEDWARD