Past Events

06/06/2011 - 11/06/2011

ECEEE Summer Study, Belambra Presqu’île de Giens (France)

The 10th eceee Summer Study will provide policymakers, researchers, activists and professionals with evidence-based knowledge and the most recent insights in energy efficiency thinking and practices...
06/06/2011 - 09/06/2011

European ITS Congress, Lyon

The main focus of the Congress will be "Intelligent mobility - ITS for sustainable transport of persons and goods in urban regions."...
06/06/2011 - 09/06/2011

FREILOT meeting, Lyon

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EU ITS Action Plan Conference, Lyon

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26/05/2011 - 27/05/2011

Green City Energy, Pisa

The Green City Energy International Forum, on the strenght of the success of the first edition, has the objective to give concrete answers to users and operators....
26/05/2011 - 27/05/2011

Integrated Planning seminar CIVITAS VANGUARD and CATALIST, Bucharest

The CIVITAS training workshop will provide you with a thorough understanding of integrated planning as a means to better manage transport in cities....
25/05/2011 - 27/05/2011

International Transport Forum, Leipzig

This year the focus of the debate will be on the theme of "Transport for Society"....
25/05/2011 - 27/05/2011

Intertraffic Conference, Istanbul

Gathering the Transportation Sector at Intertraffic Istanbul...
25/05/2011 - 26/05/2011

Smart City Event 2011, Amsterdam

What are successful steps a city may take towards climate neutrality?...
18/05/2011 - 22/05/2011

Challenge Bibendum, Berlin (DE)

A key event to discover existing and credible solutions for the future and so make the appropriate decisions...
18/05/2011 - 20/05/2011

ECOMM 2011, Toulouse

Les conférenciers pourront bénéficier d’un haut niveau d’échanges sur les derniers développements européens et internationaux en matière de management de la mobilité....
18/05/2011 - 20/05/2011

REAL CORPS 2011, Essen (DE)

The matter of “change as requirement for stability of cities and regions” is the core topic of REAL CORP 2011. How can planning deal with “lifecycles of cities and regions”?...
17/05/2011 - 18/05/2011

CIVITAS VANGUARD training on market segmentation, Toulouse

Training Organising an individualised social marketing campaign for sustainable transport solutions in cities...

Joint EPA-Polis Parking Workshop

Joint EPA-Polis workshop on the role of parking in Sustainable Urban Transport Plans....
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12/05/2011 - 13/05/2011

CityMobil final conference, La Rochelle

Specialists in urban planning will present their views on the changes which can be expected from the introduction of new (semi-)automated transportation systems to make life in cities better and more...
10/05/2011 - 11/05/2011

Symposium ‘Providing Infrastructure that Improves Road Safety’, Bucharest

Road safety experts from around the world will gather to deliberate, identify and commit to actions that ensure that road safety targets can be met by 2020....
08/05/2011 - 11/05/2011

ICT 2011, Ayia Napa

ICT'11 will reflect on trends such as security, as well greening enhancements are becoming indisputable components of today's everpresent technologies, in a world that relies totally on them....
03/05/2011 - 06/05/2011

SUGAR Good Practice Round Table: Train the Trainer

SUGAR EU intermediate dissemination event....
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SUGAR City Logistics Workshop

The workshop is fully booked now and registration not possible anymore. Workshop of the European funded SUGAR project in which Good Practice Sites such as Emilia Romagna, Paris, London and Barcelona...
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Third TURBLOG workshop ”Urban Logistics Solutions Case studies”, Paris

Workshop to discuss and present Urban Logistics Solutions from a worldwide perspective, organised by the TURBLOG project (Transferability of urban logistics concepts and practices from a worldwide pe...

AENEAS Final Conference: Green Mobility for Active Ageing, Brussels

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07/04/2011 - 08/04/2011

Mobil.TUM, Munich

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NICHES+ final conference, London

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Polis and The Climate Group joint event on the deployment of electric vehicles in cities and regions across Europe and beyond

The international NGO The Climate Group and Polis host a joint event today at the offices of TheSociety of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) to discuss how local governments, fleetowners, and th...
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Traffex 2011, Birmingham

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30/03/2011 - 31/03/2011

PRESTO onsite training, Venice

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23/03/2011 - 25/03/2011

Velo-City, Sevilla

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23/03/2011 - 24/03/2011

CONDUITS City Pool workshop, Paris

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EU ITS urban expert group, Brussels

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EU Sustainable Energy Week 2011, Brussels (an other EU locations)

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