24/10/2018 Greenwich (London), UK

Workshop on automated vehicles and traffic management

The MAVEN project ran a workshop in Greenwich (London) on 24 October about how increasing vehicle automation may affect urban traffic management. It followed two similar workshops held in Brussels in October 2017 and Barcelona in November 2016.

The workshop's aims are to:

  • explore in more detail how increasingly instrumented vehicles are likely to behave on city roads and how this may affect the traffic management task and wider transport goals
  • provide insight to the role that communication technology can play in the shorter-term of connected transport and the longer-term of automated transport
  • promote reflection among local authorities on their role and responsibility as CAV evolves.

Local authorities were the main target group of this workshop; however, it was also open to other urban transport stakeholders with an interest in CAV.

MAVEN has teamed up with the following related H2020 projects for this workshop: CoEXist and TransAID.

The final agenda can be found here.


Results of the MAVEN workshop live poll.

For more information please contact Suzanne Hoadley.