24/04/2018 Brussels, Belgium

Urban Vehicle Access Regulations: a city-industry dialogue (Polis - Acea - Eucar)

Urban vehicle access regulations are ‘hot’ in Europe. Cities and regions take measures to control access, curb congestion and manage pollution. Polis has engaged in a process of dialogue with Europe’s vehicle manufacturers on this topic. This resulted in an interesting workshop on the 5th of November, the day before the 2017 Polis conference where 80 experts gathered to exchange views on this sensitive topic.

The second edition of this city/regions – industry dialogue took place on the 24th of April in Brussels. It was the occasion for cities to explain to car manufacturers their choices on access restrictions (e.g. low emission zones), and to understand better what the vehicle industry is developing in terms of propulsion and connectivity solutions.

The discussion focused on two elements:

1. UVARs and the role of EU institutions (Should the EU act to ensure further coherence and consistency of UVARs throughout Europe, and if so, how can this be achieved?)
2. UVARs and technology (effective methods to implement and manage UVARs, future options in the field of C-ITS, the role of remote sensing in UVAR deployment etc.).

The press release is available here.