26/09/2019 Dublin, Ireland

Project EDWARD - European Day Without A Road Death on September 26 2019

Launched in 2016, Project EDWARD - European Day Without A Road Death has one main objective: no one should die on the roads of Europe for at least one day a year.

This year, the chosen day of action is Thursday 26 September 2019.

A day without fatalities on Europe's roads

Drivers are unwittingly or sometimes knowingly putting other road users at risk in so many ways, but it’s not just drivers who are at fault. Many cyclists and pedestrians increase their risk levels by choosing to ignore the rules or look for risky short cuts.

In the days leading up to Project EDWARD, all road users should think – even for just a few minutes – about the risks they face and they may pose to others, as well as what they can do to reduce those risks.

Join Project EDWARD

Project EDWARD is supported by all 30 TISPOL member countries (TISPOL is the European Traffic Police Network), and a growing number of drivers, well-known brands and generous road safety organisations have pledged to the project ideals.

Michelin, Westcotec, Road Safety Support, Ireland's Road Safety Authority, Vitronic, Croatia's Vehicle Center, GEM Motoring Assist, DriveTech and NFU Mutual: whether you represent a national government, a private organisation, a public agency, a charity, a school, college or university, or whether you simply care as an individual, you can always join and support Project EDWARD by organising or being involved in Road Safety Days across Europe.

If you represent an organisation that may possibly be interested in joining Project EDWARD as a supporter, or if you may know people who would be interested, just send an email to james@projectedward.eu.

Project EDWARD 2019: what we know

  • Website: it is now up and running, and the languages available are English and French;
  • Resource section: soon available, it will allow supporters and participants to download artwork and other useful materials
  • Social Media campaign: starting on September 1, it will include daily activities right up until Project EDWARD day itself. Supporters are invited to record a short video message in relation to Project EDWARS and share it on social media. Actions should be shared using the hashtag #ProjectEDWARD. For more information, please contact media@tispol.org.
  • Road trip: departing from Prague on Monday 16 September, Project EDWARD will then stop at Nürburgring in Germany on Wednesday 18 September and in Brussels on Thursday 19 September. The trip will end in Dublin during Project EDWARD symposium on Thursday 26 September.
  • National Road trips: allowing supporters to coordinate their own series of road safety events, meetings and publicity opportunities, national road trips will be included in the days leading up to Project EDWARD day. Project EDWARD will provide a branded Project EDWARD decoration that can be fixed to any vehicle - and can be just as easily removed, too;
  • Project EDWARD symposium: set in Dublin on Thursday 26 September, it will include a live 60-minute web broadcast shared far and wide.