29/05/2019 Gothenburg, Sweden

Polis-Gothenburg-Volvo workshop: Geofencing – new tool in town!

The first geofencing applications appear in city streets: hybrid vehicles are turned to electric mode within specific areas, and speed is limited close to schools. How is the technology evolving, what is the expected market uptake, and how can cities use this in planning and managing traffic? Furthermore, what is the role of the cities, what challenges are posed and what are the next steps?

The city of Gothenburg, Volvo Group and Polis invite you to discuss the technological and policy potential of geofencing. The workshop will offer the view of different stakeholders: cities,vehicle manufacturers, the road safety and security community… Participants will see the technology in action. Break-out discussions will help to understand the technology and its implications for urban traffic and mobility management.

Practical information:
Venue: https://domeofvisions.se/en
The draft agenda can be found here.
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This event is part of a series of three consecutive meetings organized by Polis and the LEVITATE project. Find out more here: https://www.polisnetwork.eu/levitateSRG
For further information, contact icre@polisnetwork.eu