07/05/2020 - 08/05/2020 Vienna

Fluidtime Symposium 2020 - Mastering the balance between collaboration and competition

To be successful in the MaaS world often means opening up to new markets and facing challenges. Players once competing against each other frequently need to collaborate on the dynamic and demanding mobility landscape. So where are the boundaries between competition and collaboration? Who writes the rules? And more importantly, does collaboration kill or strengthen innovation?

The Fluidtime Symposium 2020 takes a closer look at this fragile balancing act:

  • two exclusive days for partners of the MaaS ecosystem
  • insights into the development and improvement of solutions for real urban and regional problems
  • an innovative and inspiring setting with key notes, panel discussions and various workshops.

Registration is open, places are limited.

Event page + registration: https://www.fluidtime.com/en/symposium-2020/