12/10/2021 Online

E-smartec's EWRC 2021 session: co-learning for mobility co-planning

One of the main principles of successful and acceptable SUMPs is the active involvement of citizens. Placing citizens close to the decision makers of their cities gives them the floor and strengthens confidence in decisions, while at the same time contributing to the generation of ownership.

In the scope of 19th edition of the European Week of Regions and Cities, the e-smartec project is organizing the participatory lab on October 12, 16:30 - 18:00 pm, with the goal to open a collaborative dialogue around questions that matter to citizens’ engagement in mobility planning.

The aim of the lab is to co-explore e-smartec project (INTERREG EUROPE 2014 - 2020) tailored guidelines on citizens’ engagement. Tools which are innovative in decision-making but widely and effectively used in the marketing sector will be introduced: Word of Mouth, Cause Marketing, Digital Marketing, Dialogue Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Wheel of persuasion, Guerilla and Undercover Marketing.

Through the interactive learning exercise that will take place in the breakout rooms, an attractive and innovative aspect, the participants will receive a brief experience of real engagement. They will be asked to co-create a participatory strategy for sustainable mobility planning along with the storyteller/facilitator. They will be asked to take the role of citizens and give a voice to their mobility needs per SUMP phase and unveil unexplored areas for decision making. The use of interactive tools and the guidance of an experienced facilitator (already tested in e-smartec) should inspire the audience.


  • Nikolaos KOUTSOMARKOS, Cooperation | Development Consultant, Project4
  • Katharina KRELL, Thematic Expert - Low-carbon economy, Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform
  • Alice PENNACCHIO, Sustainable Planning Consultant on behalf of Roma Servizi per la Mobilità
  • Ghadir POURHASHEM, Senior Researcher at Department of International Research Projects – ERAdiate+, UNIVERSITY OF ŽILINA

Moderator: Maria MORFOULAKI, Operational Scientist A', Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas / Hellenic Institute of Transport (CERTH/HIT).

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