Manifesto: Reimagining Urban Mobility

Manifesto: Reimagining Urban Mobility

On 21 September 2021, POLIS is bringing together CEOs from mobility platforms - including Arrival, Aurora, Lilium, Lime and Uber - to discuss the future of the urban transportation sector at the roundtable "Reimagining Urban Mobility: A shared journey".

At the event, the mobility platforms launch a manifesto committing their organisations to help cities build greener, smarter, safer and more accessible urban mobility networks.

According to the manifesto, urban mobility across the EU should be zero emissions by 2035, well ahead of the Commission's current target for 2050.

Other policy recommendations include EU-wide regulations to increase access to shared, electric multimodal mobility options, and policies that accelerate the introduction of transformative future modes of transport.

Karen Vancluysen, Secretary General of POLIS, said: “Cities and regions are firmly committed to making urban mobility more sustainable and acting as major engines for the transport transformation we urgently need. We strongly believe in the potential of mobility innovations which are aligned with local policy goals, to jointly reach European targets and make cities and regions better places to live in. Dialogue and cooperation between the public and private sector will be key in tackling the major challenges we face and in capitalising on the momentum offered by COVID-19 to accelerate the transition.”

Read the full mamifesto here.