Scotland commits £10 million for pop-up cycleways and footpaths

Scotland commits £10 million for pop-up cycleways and footpaths

The Scottish Government has announced that £10 million will be made available to create temporary bike lanes and widened footpaths in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The plans, revealed yesterday, will see local authorities across the country able to access funding to create new 'pop-up' measures to make walking and cycling easier and safer in towns and cities. This comes following concerns that a lack of safe space for walking and cycling was resulting in people unable to maintain safe physical distance from others, and putting people at risk from mixing with car traffic.

The new 'Spaces for People' will see £10 million re-directed from other active travel funding to support local authorities in this challenging time. The fund will allow councils to create temporary safe walking and cycling measures without match-funding, making this more financially viable for councils.

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