SAMMY – Greece

SAMMY - Greece


SaMMY is an IoT cloud-based service solution for the global yachting industry sector, which enables the marinas to efficiently manage their resources, to attract and offer services to the yachts and support the local markets by linking them with the yachting communities. It includes a fully featured marina management system, a booking management module and a set of vertical services for the yachters that are offered over different channels by exploiting a multilayer architecture.

THE COMPANY is a spin out activity of OptionsNet, a Greek SME activated in the ICT sector and based in Western Greece (Patras). As a start-up, has been founded in 2015 by a group of highlyskilled computer engineers and information technology scientists, with experience in the design and development of information systems, integrated with 3rd party platforms, cloud computing infrastructures and diverse sensing devices.


Ioannis Kostopoulos, CEO and Co-founder
Spiros Mazarakis, Product Marketing Manager
Ioannis Panaretou, CTO and Co-founder
Linos Kostopoulos, Solution Architect