ROSY – Germany

ROSY - Germany


Traffic authorities today have to deal huge amounts of data that are no longer manageable with the Excel approach and consume a significant amount of their work capacity. Following the latest EU regulations, ROSY provides a platform for easy traffic data management including data quality assessment. Traffic authorities save time and get in-depth data analytics on current traffic conditions, such as speeds and remaining capacities plus a set of simulation tools that allow them to optimize their traffic management strategies in order to reduce traffic jams, noise and pollution.


traffic solutions was created by three founding SMEs: tsenso GmbH, TRC Transportation Research & Consulting GmbH, abstracture GmbH & Co KG and later joined by SoftwareKontor Helmert GmbH. The vision is to combine the existing knowledge on traffic planning, traffic management with latest scientific findings to create an easy to use European traffic data platform to support cities and regions in optimizing personal as well as cargo traffic.


Dr. Matthias Brunner, Management
Rahul Tomar, Sales
Prof. Jörg Schönharting, Traffic Models
Dr. Volker Schönharting, Cloud
Dr. Uwe Koch, Analytics
Christoph Helmert, Simulation