Rio de Janeiro steps up measures on mobility

Rio de Janeiro steps up measures on mobility

Rio de Janeiro has stepped up the introduction of changes and measures to the city's transport system to limit the spread of COVID-19.

The Brazilian city has been implementing changes to its transport network since mid-March, with increasingly strong actions taken as the outbreak continues to escalate. Measures began with simple interventions such as the provision of hand sanitiser in stations and efforts to avoid overcrowding in carriages, but in recent days the measures have stepped up significantly to ensure safe public transport for those that need it most.

Between 18-20 March, measures implemented included mandatory frequent cleaning of public transport vehicles, suspension of fees for taxis, the suspension of some public transport routes, and the suspension of restrictions for some delivery vehicles.

Further measures came into place on 23 March, including further suspension of some routes, the reinforcement of some key routes, and further restrictions lifted for delivery vehicles to ensure a flow of goods into and out of the city.

For the full list of measures, please see here.