Ride-sharing, micro-mobility and taxi firms announce measures in response to COVID-19

Ride-sharing, micro-mobility and taxi firms announce measures in response to COVID-19

The transport industry is undergoing a major transformation throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. In recent days, a number of announcements have been made by ride-sharing, micro-mobility and taxi firms to respond to the crisis.

Car-pooling app Faxi has announced plans to use its software to help vulnerable people to get the supplies that they need. Faxi is mainly used by hospitals and local authorities to encourage carpooling, the app aims to reduce the number of vehicles on the road, consequently reducing pollution levels. However, following the outbreak of Covid-19, the app will now use its software to provide help to those in need. Community members who are willing and able to offer support will be able to go on the app and identify themselves as a ‘dedicated driver.’ Those who are in need of support can go onto the app and find a nearby driver, message them and arrange the help they need to ensure they can keep supplied.

Chicago-based bike-sharing company Divvy has announced plans to offer free use of bikes for health workers. Additionally, all other people will be able to access Divvy's shared bike for $1, rather than the normal price of $3.

In New York City, shared electric moped company Revel is offering free use of vehicles for health workers in an effort to ease access to hospitals. Additionally, the company is aiming to expand its service area to serve a great number of health centres. In other news from New York, the city's taxi service is seeking to hire Uber and Lyft drivers who no longer have work as a result of the crisis. The recruitment drive is being done to help deliver food to elderly citizens who are no longer able to get out to shops.